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Tag: ‘Bumble Bee’

FAMILY SESSION | Bumble Bee Ballerina

Sunday, February 13th, 2011

This precious little bumble bee ballerina worked many looks for her nine month old shoot.  Her mama has been great about schedule a shoot every few months.  So much so, Shutterfly asked to use her website she’s made for her little girl as advertisement.  Good stuff Leah!

Allison had quit the help behind the scenes.  Not only was her mom and dad there, but also grandma and papa, as well as my daughter.  My daughter, Bella is eight years old and in love with kids.  I brought her once to a shoot to help get the many children to laugh and haven’t turned back!  She does such a great job getting them to giggle and smile, that I don’t know why I didn’t bring along sooner.  By the end of the shoot, Allison was crashed on Bella as she carried her home from the park.  SO cute.

A little laundry.

Off to the local park… Allison hangs on tight to dad’s ears!

Three generations.

BABY SESSION | Cute as a Bug

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

With eyes like that… she’s a total bug.  A very cute one!  Here are a few with miss Allison Brunnings.  I shot her newborn photos and three months later, mama called me up for her three  old photos.  Matt and Leah, you are a pleasure to hang with and joy to watch love on your precious little girl. 


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