As excited as I am to create some beautiful images of you two and get through any shot lists, I am sensitive to your experience throughout your actual wedding day. So, if you're over smiling from formals, I'll tell you to go grab a drink and enjoy your cocktail hour with all your guest. We can get couples photos later at sunset. If you're dress needs bustling, I'm on it. If grandma needs a water, I'll grab it. I want you and all your guest to have a smooth and enjoyable experience on your wedding day.


I'll send you a pdf of pricing and info to review. If it looks like a fit, we can schedule a time to chat by phone where you can fill me in on any and all details of your love story to what you have planned so far for your wedding day. We can review a tentative timeline and I can advise you on a ceremony time according to sunset and shuffling guest if you need any help with that. If you already know and love my work, I can send you a contract over by email to sign.

02. Book

I will email a contract over to review and sign if you'd like to move forward along with deposit details. You will have until one month before your wedding to adjust your collection so if you're not certain on how many hours you need yet, no worries, you can still check photographer off your vendor list.

03. Celebrate

On your wedding day, I'll arrive early to check in with coordinator and walk the property before coming into say hello and begin with you. I'm often there for a solid 8-10 hours capturing all the in between as you soak in your day with all your favorite people.

04. POSt wedding Bliss

I'll get you a sneak peek of 50+ photos of your day within one week to share with friends and family. They're high resolution and print ready in case you want to use any as a Thank You card or frame a pretty for your house. The rest take about 4-6 weeks at which point you'll have full access to them all at high resolution.